Glitch Art

26 May

Glitch Art is a computer created mistake that can be viewed as art. It’s usually unique and very hard or impossible to recreate which makes it special like shooting stars or Pokémon.

Chances are you’ve seen glitch art yourself, so I’m inviting anyone to join in and show the glitch art you have recorded. Send me your images if you like or post them on your own blogs and I’ll link to it.

I call it ‘#0001 MacBook Pro OS X Static 8/31/2008 – 6:41 pm’

Here’s one example.  One day I opened my laptop from sleeping and….well this is what happened:

ohhhhhhhh...i dont feel so g.....g.......BLAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!! - MacBook Pro

"ohhh...i don't feel so g.....g.......BLARRGGHH!!!" - my MacBook Pro

I actually got a screenshot of it just as it froze. Instant desktop background!

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One Response to “Glitch Art”

  1. kilroy March 27, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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