Consummation Station – Concept

13 Aug

My friends and I have game jams from time to time.  We had one a few weeks ago and I worked on an idea that I had for a TIGSource competition.  We didn’t end up with a game for the competition, but I did come up with a mockup and concept.  I love making mockups because they give everyone a unified vision to further brainstorm as a group.

The Game Concept:

Earth has just been destroyed by a meteor, and the last hope for humanity lays with the remaining humans on a space station.  The game is called Consummation Station.

Monitors in the space station describe the premise

The monitors in the station will describe the premise

– You float the astronauts around the treacherous space station in zero gravity and pair them up with each other to mate.
– You can pan around the level and move any astronaut at any time.
– Humpy the monkey will hump you.  If an astronaut touches him they become paired and you lose that astronaut.
– Electric currents will shock you. (slows you down or removes time from the clock)
– Touching windows will break them and anything near will get sucked into space.
– You have to get a certain number of paired astronauts to complete each level.

I love making mockups!

I love making mockups! Click the image to see it at the right ratio.

There would be lots of floating around, timing, and avoiding things like the water level in TMNT for the NES.

I also started to make a song for it with a Gameboy tracker.  It’s really repetitive and the mood isn’t nearly sexy enough, but it’s something.

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