New Ideas. New Compo. New Friends.

25 Oct


I recently had an idea for a surreal dream-like game about an astronaut floating helplessly in space and all of the f**ked up things that happen to him on his journey.  It’s not thought through that much yet, but I like the mood I’ve established so far.  It’s darker than my usual stuff which I’m excited about.

Art of Braid Talk

David Hellman’s talk about the art of Braid was great, and I found myself relating to a lot of it.  Such as putting off work all day and then getting angry with someone when they want to hang out at night because they’re obviously trying to keep me from getting work done.  David, my friend George, and I went out to a Chicago blues club the next night and talked about game ideas that have been brewing in our heads.  My favorite pastime.

New TIGSource Competition Begins – Assemblee

image from

Ok, it’s time for a massive plug for TIGSource.  The Independent Gaming Source is an awesome community to check out indie games in development, finished games to play, and lots of other fun stuff.  A new game competition just started, and the theme is Assemblee: artists and musicians make whatever they want and post it, then programmers use any of those assets that inspire them and make a game out of it.  Credit is given where it’s due.  Great idea.  Check it out.  Assemblee Compo.  I’ll link to my thread of humble art offerings in the future.

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2 Responses to “New Ideas. New Compo. New Friends.”

  1. Karl Hauber October 25, 2009 at 10:45 am #

    hi hi

    For your floating astronaut game, it seems like since he’s drifting helplessly through space that moving under his own power wouldn’t be possible, but he could still rotate and interact with the things he’s drifting by. Perhaps when big scary things are coming at him from any angle, he would want to rotate towards them and execute a “push” action, which would deflect them away. He could also conceivably pick up small objects and possibly throw them, or even grab onto some things and hitch a ride for a short while.

    • tedmartens October 25, 2009 at 3:59 pm #

      Hey Karl,

      Hitching a ride on things that fly by is a cool idea. I was also thinking that the controls for the astronaut should be difficult and add to the idea behind the game. I want it to have a real sense of danger, too. Things like when the astronaut gets really close to a large creature he flails his limbs in panic.

      I’ll post more about the concept soon.

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