Fireplace Released (v0.5)

2 Jul

Fireplace in a fireplace

Fireplace is my first finished project where I’ve done both the art and the programming. (Laserback is napping for now until I get better at the programming side of things).  It’s simple but a pretty big step for me in moving towards creating my own games, projects, and interactive art.

You can type commands to interact with it or just put it someplace, relax, and enjoy.  I recommend running it on an old CRT monitor if you have one for the full effect.

I’ve found that sound is the most important part of the experience and it bridges the gap created by the abstract low-res 16×16 sprites. The images give you a faint impression of what’s happening, and then the sounds trigger your memories and fill in the rest.

It’s free and you can download it from the site. Windows only for now.


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