Games Jam Ames

19 Feb

A few weeks ago, our local posse of game make’n pals (Iowa Game-Dev Friendship Club. Seriously, that’s what we call it.) got together and had ourselves a game jam. Some people brought projects to work on and some started new ones for the Global Game Jam. Here are a few photos from the weekend:

A card game concept by Tyler Streeter about planets and space battles.

Andres Reinot (8 Monkey Labs) brought a game he’s been working on. You control an astronaut and move around on a hex grid – imagine Minesweeper as an RTS game.

Evan Balster (Infinite Blank) and Josh Larson (God at play) working with Evan’s engine, Plaidgadget. Josh talks a bit about their weekend here.

Paul Mungons working hard on the music for Darwin or Lose (below).

Paul Mungons, Ken Kopecky and I worked on Darwin or Lose; a game about evolution and ecosystems meant to look like a cladogram + subway map. We made it for the Global Game Jam theme extinction. We didn’t finish it, but the concept was interesting.

and Emmy taking a load off. You can see the rest of the jam photos here.

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