Brushes for iPad – Sunset Lift Off

12 May

I’ve been trying out a finger painting app for iPad called Brushes, and it works better than I was expecting. It’s weird at first, but the ability to zoom in and change brush size makes it useful. The most interesting thing about it is that it records every brushstroke you make which allows it to export a speedpaint movie or regenerate a drawing at a higher resolution (crazy!). Otherwise, it’s basically a simplified version of Photoshop (it does have layers with blend modes).

You draw at the iPad resolution (1024 x 768) which I like because it forces me to forget about the tiny details of a drawing and focus on proportion, relationship, and composition. When I was working on a Cave Story drawing at 600 dpi I found that it was way too easy to get caught up in the details, so this is a nice solution.

Original resolution

regenerated at 4x resolution (6x is the max)

Here’s a speedpaint video of my first drawing – Sunset Lift Off

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