Hex-Ray Studios, Pixel Fireplace, Fireside Chat w/ Notch & Chris Hecker

2 Mar

Hex-Ray Studios

Big news! My friend, Ken Kopecky, and I have started a new indie studio called Hex-Ray Studios! Hexels and Pixel Fireplace are our current projects. We’re both going to GDC – hopefully we’ll see you there so I can show you Hexels :)

(follow @hexraystudios for updates and announcements)

Pixel Fireplace on the Mac App Store soon

Fireplace is now 1.0 and has a new name! Against my better judgement, I didn’t go with Cozy Simulator 5000 ;) The new name is Pixel Fireplace, and it will be available on the Mac App Store soon (it’s in review right now!). It has been re-programmed like a pro by Ken Kopecky, my Hex-Ray partner, and has a new hint system to help discover the commands. When you type words the letters will be a different color if you’re on the right track. 5 logs get thrown in a wider layout now to fill out a wide screen monitor. We’re also going to release free, special updates for Pixel Fireplace during the wintery months (They’ll be like presents. I’m really excited for these :) It will cost $2.99 with a week-long release sale of $1.99. The Windows version will be released later.

Fireside Chat with Notch and Chris Hecker

Pixel Fireplace will be on display at GDC during Notch’s (Minecraft) Fireside Chat with Chris Hecker (Spy Party). If you’re going to GDC and have a main conference pass, you can check it out Wednesday 2:00- 3:00 in Room 135, North Hall. Ken and I will be there – see you soon!

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