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Pixel Fireplace update – v1.2 Colors

26 Dec


Pixel Fireplace has a command update – v1.2 Colors. The full version has 25 new color-themed commands. The Mac App Store version is up to date and  it’s also available direct on our Hex-Ray site for both Mac and PC.

All the different colored fires were fun to come up with, Ken added gradient map functionality for me so I could make a bunch of different color commands without having to re-color each sprite. My favorites are the color-combos like ‘sunset’, ‘dusk’, ‘aurora’, and ‘plasma’. A few of them are in the video. It was really tough naming some of the color combinations though. Sometimes you just can’t describe art with words, they are different languages. I eventually figured out a good command for each though, and even changed some of the colors to better fit the name.

Like last year, I’ve received and come across some heart-warming photos of PF running in people’s lives. Here are a few from this year :)

“Doing it right. Merry Christmas” – Rob Sheridan, Art Director for Nine Inch Nails

Custom made mantel for PF at Poke in London. Photo by Mistersnappy

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11 Jun

I’ve been helping Steve Swink out with his awesome prototype Scale for a couple months. He showed it at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop during GDC and recently at the IndieCade booth at E3. Here’s a brief FAQ on his site and a video interview on Kotaku with gameplay examples of the basic idea behind the game. It’s been a ton of fun working with Steve and on this friggin’ cool concept, it has so much potential for interesting puzzles and situations.

Dollar Update

1 Apr

Update: April Fools

The latest update to Pixel Fireplace for OSX lets you burn your money. Literally! Type the new “dollar” command to activate the In-App Purchase window, click ‘Buy’ to purchase one in-game dollar, and then destroy it! NEAT, HUH?!?

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No Burn Day

18 Jan

Fireplace Blackout

The Fireplace site is blacked out until January 19th to join the protest against Senate Bill 968: the Protect IP Act. Contact your Representatives and tell them to stop SOPA, PIPA, and all future bills that would rob the internet from staying independent, free and open.

Fireplace OS X

22 Dec

Fireplace is now out for OS X! Download it here.

I can finally run it on my own computer without having to boot into Windows – YAY!! I’ve had a lot of requests for a Mac version of Fireplace, and I’m really happy to release it today. I’m a Mac user, too. This version is the same as the latest PC version (no new commands, sorry) with a small new feature that shows text as you type. Now it’s easier to type long words like ‘marshmallow’. The letters on the title screen also light up as you type them. Thanks, Evan Balster, for helping me program that.

Oh by the way, I’ve received some great photos of people using Fireplace, so I made an album. If you take some photos, send them to me!

Happy Holidays!

Hexels – a new art tool in the works

16 Sep

My friend Ken Kopecky surprised me with a new art tool on Wednesday. It’s a tool made for drawing within a hexagon based grid, and we’ve been calling it Hexels (derived from hexagons + pixels). It’s super fun to draw with and we’re adding new features all the time. Yesterday I asked Ken if there was any way he could add pen pressure sensitivity and 10 minutes later BAM! he did it (Ken is incredibly skilled at programming). I’ve made a few things trying to figure out what can be done with the limitation of hexagons. Below are a few pieces based on basic shapes (mostly), and I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Ken recently added an isometric mode (last image). I added glow or soft shading to some of them with Photoshop. I’ll be posting more pieces on Flickr and updating our progress through my intergalactic communicator.

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1 Apr

I added 4 player QUADRUPED CO-OP MODE to Laserback today complete with dino-friends :D  Click to see it a little larger.

jk, april fools