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Trixel Buildings – trixel shape mode in Hexels

20 Jan

Last week I posted about the new trixels shape mode that Ken added to the Hexels beta. Here’s my first trixels piece along with a speed paint video showing how it was drawn. The video is 3 hours of drawing speed up to 12 minutes.

Trixels will be a feature in the pro version of Hexels, which I wrote more details about over on our Hex-Ray website.

Awesome birthday presents from friends!

15 Jan

Turdy_Ted_notextI got awesome presents from some great friends for my birthday that I wanted to share. Above is a Ted-portrait from Liselore Goedhart (Monobanda) based on my pixel avatar. It’s so cute! I love the fluffy hair and plump Hex-Ray logo in the background. I love Lizzy’s character designs, so it was a nice surprise to get one of myself from her. Thanks again Lizzy! :D

Below is a piece by Natalie Hanke (Coffee Makes Creative) that uses a new Hexels feature made by Ken Kopecky, trixels! I’ve been begging him for the ability to draw both right-side up and up-side down triangles at the same time in Hexels. We decided it would be something to add after release. Hexels hasn’t been programmed with this in mind so it would be a big re-write, however, he surprised me with it on my birthday and got beta testing help from Natalie. Thanks, you two! Click the image to see detail images on Natalie’s website which is full of amazing pieces.

I have great friends :) I’ll post my own art using trixels pretty soon. I’m working on one now that I like, but it’s not quite finished. I’m super excited for this feature, it opens some big doors for Hexels I think!

I’m turning 30!

11 Jan

low polys, ummy num <3

It’s my birthday on Sunday, and I’m turning 30! I thought I’d celebrate by putting Pixel Fireplace on sale, so all day on Jan 13th it will be $0.99 instead of $2.99. And thanks for all the PF love, by the way! I’m really happy that people are enjoying it :)

Shinobi III tribute for Segazine

3 Jan

This is my SEGAZINE tribute of Shinobi III for Sega Genesis. It’s four memorable moments from the game, which was tough because there are SO many. The first one is the dark, science lab full of biological experiments. The second is the mini boss in the surfing level. Next is the Mecha-Godzilla-like boss after the fire level. The last frame is Shinobi making his way up a CANYON by JUMPING ON TOP OF FALLING BOULDERS (no big deal for a 90’s ninja). Originally I wanted to do one frame for every level and/or boss but that would have taken a really long time. I like the way it turned out.

UPDATE: I forgot I was going to show my sketches for this piece! I really like sketching small to get the composition and action figured out because it’s really easy for me to get caught up in the details of a piece. Drawing small forces me to ignore the details and focus on what’s important at the early stage, and it’s really easy to make big changes or start over at this stage. I also do this thing while drawing large pieces where I squint my eyes to blur the details so I can check the overall composition and contrast. I’m sure I look ridiculous while doing it =_=

Each sketch is about 2″ x 2″, and then I take a quick photo or scan them, make ’em larger in Photoshop and draw over top with more details (eventually hiding the layer when I don’t want it anymore).

Below are a few of the many amazing submissions we got from people. We’ll let you know when the zine is available for pre-order, we’re figuring out the layout and printing details now.




11 Jun

I’ve been helping Steve Swink out with his awesome prototype Scale for a couple months. He showed it at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop during GDC and recently at the IndieCade booth at E3. Here’s a brief FAQ on his site and a video interview on Kotaku with gameplay examples of the basic idea behind the game. It’s been a ton of fun working with Steve and on this friggin’ cool concept, it has so much potential for interesting puzzles and situations.

Trigon Trifexels – Sworcery fan art

14 May

I made another piece of #sworcery fan art for the Sworcer A/V Jam! I used Custom Shape mode in Hexels to draw with Trigon Trifexels (haha). This art jam was a ton of fun and packed with great work.


Sworcer A/V Jam fan art

11 May

“Sword & Fang” Painted with Brushes for iPad.

This is my Sword & Sworcery: EP fan art submission to Sworcer A/V Jam. Thanks Superbrothers, Jim Guthrie and Capy for making such a unique, beautiful experience and being genuinely amazing people. Keep rock’n.

UPDATE: Here’s a speed paint video of the painting. Brushes for iPad records all of your brush strokes and can export movies or resave up to 6x higher resolution. It’s super handy, I wish all raster art tools did that!

Hexels – bevel mode

5 May

The fun part about testing an art tool is that I get to draw all day trying to find bugs (best job). Here’s a piece I made tonight in Hexels bevel mode (click the image to see the large full-sized piece). The closed beta testing for Hexels has been going really well, it’s getting more eyes on it and some fresh perspectives. Continue reading

Bit Warp

26 Mar

There’s an 8-bit Design Challenge on deviantart, and I wanted to submit something so I re-drew a Game Boy piece I’d made awhile ago. Here’s how it turned out, if you’d like to and you have an account you can vote for it here by clicking on “I’d wear it”. There’s also a desktop background version here.

Zero Suit Samus guest artwork

9 Feb

This is a Zero Suit Samus fan art piece I made for Chris Furniss’ book! Really pumped to be in it along with some fantastic artists like Ashley Davis, Zach Gorman and Maré Odomo. This is my first piece of artwork printed in a book! Continue reading