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Happy 1st B-day, Vlambeer

2 Sep

Huge congrats to the super cool dudes at Vlambeer (Super Crate Box & Radical Fishing) for the company’s first birthday! I would’ve loved to be at the party and watch three (!!!) Fireplaces dancing to C418‘s sick party tunes. (creator of the Minecraft soundtrack)

Keep rock’n, guys. Keep right on rock’n.

PegJam 2011

18 Jul

PegJam is over and it was super freaking fun! There were a bunch of great games and prototypes created, lots of 2 player battles on the Winnitron, and so so so much sweating (it was a scorching hot weekend). Below are a few photos and I’ve posted more on Flickr.

Red Ice


Hug’em up mockup for a prototype by Mike and me

2 player vs block stacking game by Mike Lee

Noel Berry presenting his prototype

Augmented Video On Rails Shooter by Kert Gartner, Devin Reimer, and Calin Reimer

Game Night 4

15 Dec


I just finished making the flyer for Game Night 4 – an indie games party this weekend in LA.  They’ll be playing Super Crate Box X-Mas Edition by Vlambeer, Merry Gear Solid and 8-BITar Hero by Arthur Lee.  Christmas chiptunes, cookies and hot cocoa will fill the air, so it’s sure to be an awesome time.  If you’re in LA this weekend GO TO IT!!!!

Getting Ready for GDC

6 Mar

Get’n ready for GDC and I’m freaking excited.  I’ve been making some Laserback figurines out of Sculpey to bring along with me.  I’m giving them nail slots on the bottom so they can either be climbing a wall or standing on a table.

Got my business cards on-time through Vistaprints which was a huge relief, and thanks Greg for rounding 1,880 corners for me one at a time.  Holy.  F-ing.  Crap.

David Hellman Speaking at Columbia College Oct 22

20 Oct

Braid by Jonathon Blow and David Hellman

David Hellman, the amazing artist for the game Braid and surreal web comic A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible, is speaking at Columbia College October 22nd at 6pm for free.  I love the dark content of his art, and I’m looking forward to learning a little bit about the way he works.

By David Hellman and Dale Beran

Alcoholic Rabbit by David Hellman and Dale Beran

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