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11 Jun

I’ve been helping Steve Swink out with his awesome prototype Scale for a couple months. He showed it at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop during GDC and recently at the IndieCade booth at E3. Here’s a brief FAQ on his site and a video interview on Kotaku with gameplay examples of the basic idea behind the game. It’s been a ton of fun working with Steve and on this friggin’ cool concept, it has so much potential for interesting puzzles and situations.

PegJam 2011

18 Jul

PegJam is over and it was super freaking fun! There were a bunch of great games and prototypes created, lots of 2 player battles on the Winnitron, and so so so much sweating (it was a scorching hot weekend). Below are a few photos and I’ve posted more on Flickr.

Red Ice


Hug’em up mockup for a prototype by Mike and me

2 player vs block stacking game by Mike Lee

Noel Berry presenting his prototype

Augmented Video On Rails Shooter by Kert Gartner, Devin Reimer, and Calin Reimer

Prospect – Mockup

19 Apr

Evan Balster and I are making a prototype for a competition at our university. We’ve been calling it Prospect so far:

Prospect is a game featuring a lone pilot exploring the innards of a crystalline asteroid in search of minerals.  It soon becomes clear that the perils involved are much greater than expected, as are the riches to be had.  The player must improvise with the ship’s mining equipment (a pair of explosive drills and a lamp) for self-defense while keeping the ship powered and gathering as much material as possible. Good luck — you’ll need it.

We both really like the concept as well as the mood we’re trying to convey. We have more design plans in mind, but for now here’s a mockup.


9 Jun


Fireplace is an interactive installation aimed at warming your heart.  I’ll post more about it soon.


1 Apr

I added 4 player QUADRUPED CO-OP MODE to Laserback today complete with dino-friends :D  Click to see it a little larger.

jk, april fools

Yes Indeed, GDC Was Amazing

20 Mar

GDC 2010 was absolutely amazing.  I met and hung out with practically all of my heroes over the past 2 years, and made some fantastic friends.  I’ve put up photos and videos on Flickr, and here are a few.  Thanks to all my new friends for an unforgettable time:

Taking over Naan-N-Curry.

Disc Golf at Golden Gate Park starring Greg and his trusty sidearm.

Tommy Refenes speaks his opinion about the App Store and Apple responds.

From the Superbrothers talk and now my new desktop wallpaper (1440×900).

The Gamma IV party with the winning one-button games playable on projector screens.  Congrats to Mike and Greg for 4fourths and to Johnny Likens for making an astonishing trailer for it.

Late night snacks at a diner with the awesome Capy gentlemen, Rexbox, and Josh.

The Independent Games Festival finalist booths.

Art Jam at Denny’s.

Mi and Miyamoto at the Game Over art show at Giant Robot.

Derek‘s awesome art for sale at Game Over.

Zach and Sarah at Erik’s.

Good partytimes in Erik Svedang‘s Bedroom.

Tyrone Rodriguez showing me Cave Story Wii.

Colin Northway getting the highest hi score ever possible in Faraway by Steph Thirion.  Ever.

Martin Jonasson, Mustacheman.

The GDC hi score list for Laserback.

Play The Laserback Prototype

20 Feb

Laserback prototype screenshot

My one-button game submission for Gamma 4 wasn’t chosen as a finalist, so here’s the current version of Laserback for you to play (Windows only).


Tap spacebar to shield

Hold spacebar then release to shoot lasers

Shield missiles to boost your laser power

Download Laserback [GDC ’10 prototype] (5.8MB)


Good luck to Greg and Mike with their game 4fourths that’s still in the running!

UPDATE: Greg and Mike’s game was chosen!! GRATZ GUYS!