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My Zelda Zine Submission

15 Nov

This is my submission for Zelda Zine which will be printed in Zelda Zine 2: Courage!  It’s made entirely out of little triangles and triforces. Zelda Zine is organized by Game City and edited by Cory Schmitz.

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Hexels: isometric cube mode

15 Nov

Ken (the other designer of Hexels doing all of the code) added a feature to Hexels that I’ve begged for for weeks! In isometric cube mode, the hexels become cubes and you can use 3 colored light sources to tint the cube’s sides. You can either make the light sources occupy a point in space (local) or they can be directional lights (global). The pink/lavender/light-blue boxes in the above drawing are actually white boxes with directional lights of those colors.

It is done in a Q*bert fashion because the boxes still occupy the original positions of the hexels. This will be an on-going theme for the other features in Hexels that I’ll talk more about later.

George & Jonathan – Beautiful Lifestyle

1 Nov

George & Jonathan just put out another fantastic album. If you like the Toe Jam & Earl games or funky electronic music in general, you’ll dig their tunes. Listen to them here.

I made the fan art in Hexels.

We’ll miss you, Steve.

6 Oct

Yesterday we lost one of the greatest creative minds of our time. We’ll miss you, Steve. Thank you for everything.

– Ted Martens and Ken Kopecky


1440 x 900 – made in Hexels