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Pixel Fireplace at Ahhhcade pop-up event – SFMOMA

27 Mar

Ken and I are both extremely excited that Pixel Fireplace will be featured in a pop-up event at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) on Thursday March 28 during the Game Developers Conference. It’s a one-day-only experimental games arcade called Ahhhcade with a theme of relaxation, cooperation, and open-world exploration. Go check it out if you’re in SF on that day, and take pictures for us please! It’s FREE, there’s no museum admission required, and the other projects are so intriguing! Get all of the details in the full ahhh-nnouncement on Facebook.

Below are the other projects that will be featured at the event.

image credit: Brandon Boyer's Venus Patrol

image credit: Brandon Boyer’s Venus Patrol

SoundSelf (Robin Arnott + Evan Balster)

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Trixel Buildings – trixel shape mode in Hexels

20 Jan

Last week I posted about the new trixels shape mode that Ken added to the Hexels beta. Here’s my first trixels piece along with a speed paint video showing how it was drawn. The video is 3 hours of drawing speed up to 12 minutes.

Trixels will be a feature in the pro version of Hexels, which I wrote more details about over on our Hex-Ray website.

SEGAZINE – open submissions

1 Oct

I’m working on a new zine with Ashley DavisCorey Lewis, and Paul Veer about the characters, games, and consoles from SEGA’s legacy and we need your help! Below is the gist of what it’s all about, and you can go to the website to see the rules in detail or look at some lists of SEGA consoles and games for ideas.

SEGAZINE is a black & white zine about the SEGAverse. It’s about characters and games from a magical time when SEGA stood for hip and fresh games. A kind of attitude sorely missing in today’s games industry.

Celebrate these times with us! Show us what the SEGAverse means to you. Has it inspired you in any way? Changed you as a person? Do you have any good stories related to SEGA to tell us? Or do you just like drawing SEGA things? It’s all good! We’d love to see it!

Submissions are open until November 1st (2012), so get to it! We will be accepting anything as long as it can exist on paper. That means drawings, 3D renders, photos, written stories, comics, poetry. Anything you can think of.

Though we are taking all submissions, we won’t be able to put them all into the zine. After we print it, the remaining entries will be posted daily on this tumblr page (artist name, site and twitter included), so everyone will get a chance to be seen!

Have fun and spread some SEGA love, we can’t wait to see what you guys send us.

Water on a Window Screen

20 Mar

Yesterday it rained and reminded me that water looks really neat when it clings to window screens. Then last night I couldn’t sleep so, naturally, I spent an hour painting water on my window screen with a paint brush and took some pictures of it. I wonder how many ideas and discoveries have happened because of extreme boredom…

Hex-Ray Studios, Pixel Fireplace, Fireside Chat w/ Notch & Chris Hecker

2 Mar

Hex-Ray Studios

Big news! My friend, Ken Kopecky, and I have started a new indie studio called Hex-Ray Studios! Hexels and Pixel Fireplace are our current projects. We’re both going to GDC – hopefully we’ll see you there so I can show you Hexels :)

(follow @hexraystudios for updates and announcements)

Pixel Fireplace on the Mac App Store soon

Fireplace is now 1.0 and has a new name! Against my better judgement, I didn’t go with Cozy Simulator 5000 ;) The new name is Pixel Fireplace, and it will be available on the Mac App Store soon (it’s in review right now!). It has been re-programmed like a pro by Ken Kopecky, my Hex-Ray partner, and has a new hint system to help discover the commands. When you type words the letters will be a different color if you’re on the right track. 5 logs get thrown in a wider layout now to fill out a wide screen monitor. We’re also going to release free, special updates for Pixel Fireplace during the wintery months (They’ll be like presents. I’m really excited for these :) It will cost $2.99 with a week-long release sale of $1.99. The Windows version will be released later.

Fireside Chat with Notch and Chris Hecker

Pixel Fireplace will be on display at GDC during Notch’s (Minecraft) Fireside Chat with Chris Hecker (Spy Party). If you’re going to GDC and have a main conference pass, you can check it out Wednesday 2:00- 3:00 in Room 135, North Hall. Ken and I will be there – see you soon!

Hexels: isometric cube mode

15 Nov

Ken (the other designer of Hexels doing all of the code) added a feature to Hexels that I’ve begged for for weeks! In isometric cube mode, the hexels become cubes and you can use 3 colored light sources to tint the cube’s sides. You can either make the light sources occupy a point in space (local) or they can be directional lights (global). The pink/lavender/light-blue boxes in the above drawing are actually white boxes with directional lights of those colors.

It is done in a Q*bert fashion because the boxes still occupy the original positions of the hexels. This will be an on-going theme for the other features in Hexels that I’ll talk more about later.

GB 4evz

31 Aug

Originally made this to post on the chiptunes forum 8bitcollective (hence the audio jack splosion).

Low poly Maru

15 Aug

I’m trying to get more 3D work in my portfolio. Here’s a low poly scene of Maru the cat playing with boxes. (just a mockup – not a game)

436 triangles
3 textures @ 128×128 each

If you aren’t familiar with Maru, here is his channel on YouTube. Prepare your heart strings.


22 Jul

I’ve been experimenting with pixelated photos lately. They’d be really cool as giant paintings, I think.

Fatty Boy


Commodore 64

Boxing Robots


Heart containers for Japan

5 Apr

The Master Sword from Ted Martens on Vimeo.

I made a piece of animated Zelda fan art to help raise money for disaster relief in Japan. It’s a standalone application for Mac and PC featuring Link’s Master Sword in the Lost Woods. It’s also available as a screensaver on PC. Pay-what-you-want and all donations received will be given to the Americares Foundation tagged for Japan. Get it here.