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Assemblee Voting

26 Jan

The TIGSource.com Assemblee Competition has come to an end with 73 games entered.  Check them out here, or vote for them here.

Over 170 people submitted art and music for part one.  You can see everyone’s work gathered here (warning: this is a huge page with a ton of images), and vote for them here.  Everything made is released under a non-commercial Creative Commons license.  You can use it for your own non-commercial projects as long as you agree to the license and credit the creators.  There is more information on each creators thread so be sure to check them out.

Have fun playing the entries, voting, and using some of the assets for your own games.

Enemy Ship Process

3 Dec
enemy ships for assemblee compo

Enemy ship in 6 fruity flavors

I’ve finished up my art contributions for the Assemblee Compo, and this enemy ship was my last entry.  Wish I would’ve had more time to make environments, effects, and more enemies, but what can you do.  While creating the spaceships I figured out a method that worked pretty well for me, so I’ll share it here.  Hopefully someone else will find it handy.

I tried to focus on two things: symmetry and an interesting silhouette. In light of these, I chose an experimental digital sketching tool called Alchemy by Karl D.D. Willis and Jacob Hina.  It has a unique approach in that it alters what you draw in seemingly random ways that can result in creating a vision of something you might not have otherwise created.

spaceship sketches

Process stage I: Alchemy

I drew my spaceships using the ‘mirror’ and ‘microphone input’ features and set it to save and erase each drawing in 15 second intervals.  ‘Mirror’ gave it the live symmetry I wanted and the ‘microphone input’ feature alters the thickness of your lines according to sound volume going into your computer’s microphone (which is really cool to experiment with.  Play some music while drawing or just yell like a bastard).  The features ‘Autosave’ and ‘refresh canvas every 15 seconds’ force you to shotgun sketch a ton of possibilities.  Once I had 60 I brought a few into Photoshop, made some changes, and then drew in the details.

Enemy Ship Process

Stage II: Alterations and details in Photoshop

It was a pretty simple method overall.  I highly recommend Alchemy for visual brainstorming or just experimenting.

Assemblee Arts – Spaceships

16 Nov

So far, I’ve drawn a rocketship and spaceship for the Assemblee Compo.  Been busy with freelance, but I’m hoping to find time to contribute more before the competition deadline.  My thread is here.

Whiteship by Ted Martens for the Assemblee Compo


Tin Rocketship Assemblee Compo

Tin toy style rocket ship