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No Burn Day

18 Jan

Fireplace Blackout

The Fireplace site is blacked out until January 19th to join the protest against Senate Bill 968: the Protect IP Act. Contact your Representatives and tell them to stop SOPA, PIPA, and all future bills that would rob the internet from staying independent, free and open.

Fireplace OS X

22 Dec

Fireplace is now out for OS X! Download it here.

I can finally run it on my own computer without having to boot into Windows – YAY!! I’ve had a lot of requests for a Mac version of Fireplace, and I’m really happy to release it today. I’m a Mac user, too. This version is the same as the latest PC version (no new commands, sorry) with a small new feature that shows text as you type. Now it’s easier to type long words like ‘marshmallow’. The letters on the title screen also light up as you type them. Thanks, Evan Balster, for helping me program that.

Oh by the way, I’ve received some great photos of people using Fireplace, so I made an album. If you take some photos, send them to me!

Happy Holidays!

Happy 1st B-day, Vlambeer

2 Sep

Huge congrats to the super cool dudes at Vlambeer (Super Crate Box & Radical Fishing) for the company’s first birthday! I would’ve loved to be at the party and watch three (!!!) Fireplaces dancing to C418‘s sick party tunes. (creator of the Minecraft soundtrack)

Keep rock’n, guys. Keep right on rock’n.