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Laserback – Watercolor & Ink

25 Aug

I’ve never been able to work with watercolor.  It’s mysterious ways are simple yet complex.  “You don’t control watercolor – watercolor controls you” as they say.  This week I’ve been forcing myself to learn, and this painting of Laserback is the first piece I’ve been happy with.  It looked like this before I added all of the ink.  Yeah, there’s a pencil sketch of a shrub under there.

Below is another painting based on a sketch in The Art of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.  I’ve come to the realization that I’ve always had an aversion towards copying art even for the sake of learning, and I think it has hurt me in the long run.  Now I’m taking time to study the work of artists I admire, and even copy their work.  I think this is important because every line drawn is a decision made as are the areas that are left blank. By copying the work of great artists, I hope that some of their wisdom soaks in – even if it’s only subconscious.


1 Apr

I added 4 player QUADRUPED CO-OP MODE to Laserback today complete with dino-friends :D  Click to see it a little larger.

jk, april fools

Getting Ready for GDC

6 Mar

Get’n ready for GDC and I’m freaking excited.  I’ve been making some Laserback figurines out of Sculpey to bring along with me.  I’m giving them nail slots on the bottom so they can either be climbing a wall or standing on a table.

Got my business cards on-time through Vistaprints which was a huge relief, and thanks Greg for rounding 1,880 corners for me one at a time.  Holy.  F-ing.  Crap.