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Awesome birthday presents from friends!

15 Jan

Turdy_Ted_notextI got awesome presents from some great friends for my birthday that I wanted to share. Above is a Ted-portrait from Liselore Goedhart (Monobanda) based on my pixel avatar. It’s so cute! I love the fluffy hair and plump Hex-Ray logo in the background. I love Lizzy’s character designs, so it was a nice surprise to get one of myself from her. Thanks again Lizzy! :D

Below is a piece by Natalie Hanke (Coffee Makes Creative) that uses a new Hexels feature made by Ken Kopecky, trixels! I’ve been begging him for the ability to draw both right-side up and up-side down triangles at the same time in Hexels. We decided it would be something to add after release. Hexels hasn’t been programmed with this in mind so it would be a big re-write, however, he surprised me with it on my birthday and got beta testing help from Natalie. Thanks, you two! Click the image to see detail images on Natalie’s website which is full of amazing pieces.

I have great friends :) I’ll post my own art using trixels pretty soon. I’m working on one now that I like, but it’s not quite finished. I’m super excited for this feature, it opens some big doors for Hexels I think!