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Bit Warp

26 Mar

There’s an 8-bit Design Challenge on deviantart, and I wanted to submit something so I re-drew a Game Boy piece I’d made awhile ago. Here’s how it turned out, if you’d like to and you have an account you can vote for it here by clicking on “I’d wear it”. There’s also a desktop background version here.

Artwork for Bit Pilot

6 Jan

This is a piece I made for Bit Pilot (iPhone/iPad) by Zach Gage that I forgot to post when the game came out! You can unlock a larger wallpaper version by getting a high cumulative score in the game. Go to the Bit Pilot webpage linked above to see video and download the game.

This piece is also the album cover for Sabrepulse’s incredible Bit Pilot OST. Go listen to it, seriously, it’s amazing.

New Challenger & Cowboy Santa

30 Dec

Here’s an animated scene I made for yesterday’s episode of New Challenger hosted by Anthony Carboni. You can grab the wallpaper version here. Thanks for the Fireplace shoutout, Anthony!

If you haven’t seen New Challenger yet, it’s a game review show where a game reviewer reviews Anthony’s review of a game. It’s pretty meta, but I think you can handle it. Check it out.

Fireplace OS X

22 Dec

Fireplace is now out for OS X! Download it here.

I can finally run it on my own computer without having to boot into Windows – YAY!! I’ve had a lot of requests for a Mac version of Fireplace, and I’m really happy to release it today. I’m a Mac user, too. This version is the same as the latest PC version (no new commands, sorry) with a small new feature that shows text as you type. Now it’s easier to type long words like ‘marshmallow’. The letters on the title screen also light up as you type them. Thanks, Evan Balster, for helping me program that.

Oh by the way, I’ve received some great photos of people using Fireplace, so I made an album. If you take some photos, send them to me!

Happy Holidays!