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I’m turning 30!

11 Jan

low polys, ummy num <3

It’s my birthday on Sunday, and I’m turning 30! I thought I’d celebrate by putting Pixel Fireplace on sale, so all day on Jan 13th it will be $0.99 instead of $2.99. And thanks for all the PF love, by the way! I’m really happy that people are enjoying it :)

Pixel Fireplace update – v1.2 Colors

26 Dec


Pixel Fireplace has a command update – v1.2 Colors. The full version has 25 new color-themed commands. The Mac App Store version is up to date and  it’s also available direct on our Hex-Ray site for both Mac and PC.

All the different colored fires were fun to come up with, Ken added gradient map functionality for me so I could make a bunch of different color commands without having to re-color each sprite. My favorites are the color-combos like ‘sunset’, ‘dusk’, ‘aurora’, and ‘plasma’. A few of them are in the video. It was really tough naming some of the color combinations though. Sometimes you just can’t describe art with words, they are different languages. I eventually figured out a good command for each though, and even changed some of the colors to better fit the name.

Like last year, I’ve received and come across some heart-warming photos of PF running in people’s lives. Here are a few from this year :)

“Doing it right. Merry Christmas” – Rob Sheridan, Art Director for Nine Inch Nails

Custom made mantel for PF at Poke in London. Photo by Mistersnappy

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