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Shinobi III tribute for Segazine

3 Jan

This is my SEGAZINE tribute of Shinobi III for Sega Genesis. It’s four memorable moments from the game, which was tough because there are SO many. The first one is the dark, science lab full of biological experiments. The second is the mini boss in the surfing level. Next is the Mecha-Godzilla-like boss after the fire level. The last frame is Shinobi making his way up a CANYON by JUMPING ON TOP OF FALLING BOULDERS (no big deal for a 90’s ninja). Originally I wanted to do one frame for every level and/or boss but that would have taken a really long time. I like the way it turned out.

UPDATE: I forgot I was going to show my sketches for this piece! I really like sketching small to get the composition and action figured out because it’s really easy for me to get caught up in the details of a piece. Drawing small forces me to ignore the details and focus on what’s important at the early stage, and it’s really easy to make big changes or start over at this stage. I also do this thing while drawing large pieces where I squint my eyes to blur the details so I can check the overall composition and contrast. I’m sure I look ridiculous while doing it =_=

Each sketch is about 2″ x 2″, and then I take a quick photo or scan them, make ’em larger in Photoshop and draw over top with more details (eventually hiding the layer when I don’t want it anymore).

Below are a few of the many amazing submissions we got from people. We’ll let you know when the zine is available for pre-order, we’re figuring out the layout and printing details now.