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Hexels – a new art tool in the works

16 Sep

My friend Ken Kopecky surprised me with a new art tool on Wednesday. It’s a tool made for drawing within a hexagon based grid, and we’ve been calling it Hexels (derived from hexagons + pixels). It’s super fun to draw with and we’re adding new features all the time. Yesterday I asked Ken if there was any way he could add pen pressure sensitivity and 10 minutes later BAM! he did it (Ken is incredibly skilled at programming). I’ve made a few things trying to figure out what can be done with the limitation of hexagons. Below are a few pieces based on basic shapes (mostly), and I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Ken recently added an isometric mode (last image). I added glow or soft shading to some of them with Photoshop. I’ll be posting more pieces on Flickr and updating our progress through my intergalactic communicator.

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Unity Indie is Now Free. Awesome.

30 Oct

unityappicon-450x450Unity Technologies has announced that Unity Indie is now free (was $199), and they’ve changed the name to just “Unity”.  Thank you Unity Technologies! Go get your copy here and start playing around with it.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Unity game development tool, go check out some of the Blurst games for some great examples of how it can be used.  Oh that reminds me, Ben Ruiz from Flashbang Studios is looking for a badass programmer to help him make a bloody Aztec arena brawler in Unity.  Sound like you?  He summons thee.

Some good places to start with your hot new copy of Unity:


3D Platform Game Tutorial

2D Gameplay Tutorial


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